This is a story about media technology, such as cellular phones, computers, chips, nuclear energy plants, scientific method, programming, and so on and so forth. There are no clear boundaries if you are honest in your science, and starting out with some of them without admitting to the reader that this is all false to begin with, is cheating on yourself in the worst possible way.

Even though there are no boundaries, there is a possibility to write stuff down in story form, so that it becomes insightful and com-memorable. Only as a story it may capture those precious and dear moments in everyone’s everyday life. The story is about a girl visiting her hometown after having been in faraway countries for years and feeling torn between being with her boyfriend in the faraway country, and being with her family and close friends in her hometown.

The story relates the literal of life experience in media technology compared to the theory of life experiences in media technology. Even though such a distinction is far from real, because of the salience of this distinction many people will somehow be able to relate to it.





Janei in the Netherlands Copyright © 2011 by Peter Blank. All Rights Reserved.


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